Champions League SemiFinals predictions (2nd leg)

Hi football fans,

This is it, tonight’s game will decide which teams will go to Kiev for the Champions League Final on May 26th.

Real Madrid and Liverpool are both in good position to pass this round, thanks to some away goals (Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich 1-2 in Munich), or to a comfortable lead (Liverpool beat Roma 5-2 at home). But we know better than to think the game is over, especially after Juventus and Roma’s 3 goals “remontadas” after losing the first leg in the Quarter Finals. Munich and Rome have not much to lose and are expected to be offensive tomorrow.

Both games are expected to be close, despite the first leg’s results. Tomorrow we will bet on a win for Real Madrid and from AS Roma (on this last one Bing disagrees and favours a Liverpool win instead).

Enjoy the games!


Champions League Semi-Final AnalystMaster Bing
Home Away H D A H D A
Real Madrid Bayern Munich 44% 23% 33% 39% 27% 34%
Roma Liverpool 42% 23% 36% 28% 30% 42%